‘Eat Well and Stay Slim’ Launches Today!

Eat Well and Stay Slim_jacketAfter selling over a million copies of his cookbook in France in the past 40 years, three Michelin starred chef Michel Guerard launches in the UK his cookbook ‘Eat Well and Stay Slim.’

Having retained his Michelin stars for an amazing 37 years with his fabulous restaurant at his estate, Les Pres d’Eugenie in SW France, Michel Guerard has been a true pioneer of the culinary world and a driving force behind the Nouvelle Cuisine movement. Featured on the cover of Time magazine in 1976, chef Guerard is most celebrated for inventing slimming cuisine (‘Cuisine Minceur’), a healthier and lighter approach to French cooking which he has perfected since the 1970’s.

‘Eat Well and Stay Slim’ distills forty years of wisdom into one extraordinary user-friendly toolkit. From herb infused oils to light vegetable-based sauces, chef Guerard lays out all the foundations of slimming cuisine along with over 140 gourmet recipes that offer all the flavour and know-how the French are famous for only a fraction of the calories. Part of a public campaign and written under the authority of the French Health Ministry, ‘Eat Well and Stay Slim’ combines gourmet cuisine with healthy cooking techniques to offer readers a sustainable approach to food that is both healthy and delicious.

Come June, lovers of the book will also have the opportunity to experience chef Guerard’s slimming cuisine first-hand! Les Pres d’Eugenie’s professional cookery school will offer, for the first time ever, a week-long cookery course from 23rd to 27th June, with courses ranging from slimming cuisine classes to pastry workshops, an oenological trip and wine tasting.

With over 140 exquisite recipes fusing the best traditional flavours with the global influences that are redefining French cuisine, Michel Guérard’s cookbook offers readers an ingenious approach to healthy French cooking with the gourmet flair to please every palate. ‘Eat Well and Stay Slim’ hits shelves today.

W: http://www.michelguerard.com

F: LesPresdEugenie

T: @michelguerard


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