‘Palo’ – The Authentic Wooden Sunglasses UK Launch


Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 09.46.03

Art, Design and Wood. That is ‘Palo’.

It’s that time again – when here at The Lifestyle Agency Head Office we get to parade around in our fabulous new luxury lifestyle findings. Today’s focus is ‘Palowood‘. ‘ Palo‘ is new to the UK and their fabulous range of authentic wooden sunglasses are set to be the next big thing! With Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez already being proud owners of a pair, it’s hard to resist investing in our own for the sunny Autumn months.

Famous Spanish designer Enoc Armengol designed and created this innovative brand with the environment at it’s core. Each product is ethically sourced, hand crafted and beautifully unique! The frames are carved from a single peace of natural hardwood so the sophisticated and distinctive edge is always a ‘one-off’. If you thought each pair couldn’t be any more individual – the eleven frames are also available in variation of colours, lenses and wood…Mel being a particular fan of the mirrored lenses…’always useful when you have to do your lipstick!’.

To top it all off the designer started the ‘Palo Plant a Tree Programme’, this initiative is part of their partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Youth Peace Ambassadors. It allows ‘Palo’ to raise awareness for sustainable products and give back to nature by planting a tree for every pair of wooden sunglasses we produce. The sunnies that just keep on giving ay!

For further information on ‘Palo’ please visit W: www.palowood.com/ F: /palowood.sunglasses/ T: @PaloWood

For press information, images and reviews please contact

The Lifestyle Agency on 0207 939 1484 or email




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