Ready, Steady…GO! It’s the infamous Chef Race to Serve this Season’s First Grouse

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For the true ‘foodies’ out there, here at The Lifestyle Agency we’re getting extremely excited for Monday 12th August- it’s that delightfully ‘gamey’ time of year again… the infamous Glorious Twelfth, the start of the grouse-shooting season!

This year, The Lyttelton restaurant will receive their grouse delivery from the Scottish Highlands in the early hours of the morning, delivered by convoy of Land Rovers (in style!). Fully prepared, the Chef will be waiting in anticipation to commence cooking and be the first chef to serve this Season’s first Grouse  – ultimately winning the Chef race.

We’ll be ready and raring to go on Monday 12th August when the roast grouse and game chips will be available on their lunch and dinner menu until the end of the November. If game is your ‘thing’ I would highly recommend it, last year was a complete success and not to be missed this season!

***The Menu***

Roast grouse with game chips, seasonal vegetables with a game gravy

£39 per person

Stay in the ‘game’ and follow the race on Facebook and Twitter: F: staffordlondonkempinski/ T: @StaffordLondon

We’re also conducting our own countdown at @agencylifestyle

For more information on The Lyttelton please visit


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