New Year, New Trends

At the end of every year most of us have undoubtedly told ourselves that new year means a new start.  This often means giving up (or at least saying we will) the indulgences in life.  However, it does not have to be all dark and depressing, new year also brings new trends to wear, new places to go and new food/restaurants to try.


There are always going to be some trends that baffle even the most stylish among us.  However, Spring/Summer 2013 does offer some options that are wearable!

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts undoubtedly provide a smart option for the office, particularly when partnered with a crisp shirt and heels.  Photo:


By turn of the year, the 2012/2013 ski season will be well underway.  It may be bitterly cold in January, but why not head to Meribel and check out the newly opened La Foile Douce? Already established in Vals Thorens and Val d’Isere, this new venue will play host to afternoon cabaret shows in afternoon on a 360 degree stage. The restaurant,  La Fruitière  also offers high class dining from 12 until 3 daily.

foile 2


At the turn of every year, we all tell ourselves that we will detox and spend the entirity of January living off celery sticks and drinking wheatgrass (not recommended). However there are some exciting new food trends developing.


Korean food is said to become the new Asian food of choice, surpassing our passion for Thai and Chinese food.   Photo from the Zagat Blog


Street Food is also set to continue treating the tastebuds of London but in a style far gourmet than some burger van.  These new street vendors are serving the widest variety of fantastic food all over the city from scotch eggs and stonebaked pizzas to meringues and churros. Photo from London Street Foodie


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