Luxurious Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Presents

Year after year we are all used to receiving particular presents at Christmas.  It is almost  guaranteed that someone, be it relative, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend will give you a pair of socks, a scarf or  worst of all, a novelty jumper!  Many of us have these items in abundance already.  However, if you insist on buying these gifts, opt for more indulgent versions, it is Christmas after all!


men's socks

women's socks

These socks by Falke for both men and women in a variety of colours.   The cashmere blend provides an extra element of luxury whilst keeping your feet warm. £14 per pair for women and £16 for men, Sock Shop


men's jumper

Not a reindeer or snowman in sight, this jumper acknowledges the season while still remaining wearable long after the the last turkey sandwich has been consumed. £135, Pringle



No woman can resist some sparkle during the festive season.  This cardigan is a perfect to wear over party dresses.  £175, Michael – Michael Kors, Harvey Nichols 



men's scarf

This understated men’s scarf will keep him warm on his commute to work, he will thank you! £169 Moncler, Harrods


Ladies can wrap up warm in this rabbit fur scarf with mittens attached, so you do not have to worry about losing them! £155 Yves Salomon, Harrods


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