New Year, New Trends

At the end of every year most of us have undoubtedly told ourselves that new year means a new start.  This often means giving up (or at least saying we will) the indulgences in life.  However, it does not have to be all dark and depressing, new year also brings new trends to wear, new … Continue reading

Luxurious Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Presents

Year after year we are all used to receiving particular presents at Christmas.  It is almost  guaranteed that someone, be it relative, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend will give you a pair of socks, a scarf or  worst of all, a novelty jumper!  Many of us have these items in abundance already.  However, if you … Continue reading

New Season Ski Wear

The ski season is starting immanently and many will be heading for the (hopefully) powder covered slopes of the Alps and beyond.  Whatever your ability, it is important to look the part when whizzing head first down a mountain. Some opt for a stylish approach, taking care to match both jacket and salopettes as well … Continue reading