The start of the Partridge shooting season: Hunt your Potted Prey

September 1st and the Partridge shooting season begins; gamesmen have from now until the 1st of February to sport, thrill and enjoy the art of hunting this fine quarry. This iconic covey bird stands as one of the most demanding quarry sports around; one that is never alone and travels in flocks, it requires a greater intensity and concentration from the shooter. This is a sport that demands much more than instinct or talent; this is a sport that calls for preparedness, thought and meticulous calculation.

Image     Image

The start of the Partridge shooting season comes as we begin to say farewell to our brief summer spell, with the summer season officially ending on September 21st. This small overlap gives us just enough time to take advantage of those long sunny days in the fresh outdoors with our hampers and sandals, spending quality time with our family and friends.

This is the perfect time for shooters to enjoy the fruits of their skills with the warmth of the sun on their side, and as any huntsman knows, one person’s experience of partridge can differ from another’s depending on what part of the country you’re in. Thanks to our experts reclaiming of the traditional method of potting, anyone can enjoy the deluxe and luxuriously unique taste of our potted delicacies, wherever you are.

Our authentic Potted Partridge with Apricots and Cashew Nuts conveys the sport’s exciting nature; combining hard work and tradition, just to make sure you have the perfect picnic snack. So whilst the huntsmen have their fun, the rest of us can sit back, relax, and have a snack we won’t forget!

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