What’s on this week

What’s on this week

1. Four years after The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises is set to conclude Christopher Nolan’s Batman film series with a bang. Starring Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman, only to name a few, the third sequel of the trilogy has already caused an uproar amongst the fan community as well as standing ovations at early screenings. UK release date is July 20th.

2. Exclusive members club Dorsia in chic South Kensington is having an American House Party this Thursday. What better way to forget about the rain than picturing yourself surfing the Californian waves or sipping a Cosmopolitan under the hot Manhattan sun?

3. Ever wanted to become a hipster? No? Well it doesn’t matter anyway as everyone’s welcome to 2012 Shoreditch Festival celebrating all things music, theatre, dance and art. Get your wayfarers, skinny jeans and East London approved brogues out, you’re all set to take a stroll along Regent’s Canal for some live music – or relax at the vintage picnic area.

4. Are you Sporty, Sensual, Free Spirited or Stylish? Discover the color of your personality with Ralph Lauren’s new Big Pony fragrance collection for women. Don’t forget to check out their Olympics fashion range – even if you’re not fencing or track cycling, it doesn’t mean you can’t get the athlete’s looks.

2 Responses to “What’s on this week”
  1. Ali says:

    Hiya, cool blog you got here
    will definitely check these out this we (fingers crossed it won’t rainnn!) x

  2. Séverine says:

    Cool blog!! I’m the sporty one!!

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