Pierre Marcolini creates sumptuous delights especially for Easter

Pierre Marcolini is one of the world’s most exquisite ‘Haute Chocolatier’s’. He has been hard at work creating magnificent melt in the mouth delights especially for Easter. This year, his two new creations are the ‘Little Easter Eggs’ and ‘Flat Egg’.

Little Easter Eggs:


The Six Praline Collection (old-fashioned praline, double milk, nougat praline, coffee praline, pistachio praline and nuts praline) and the “Grand Crus” Collection (Pierre Marcolini, Venezuela, Ecuador and Caraibe)

The Flat Egg:

Pierre Marcolini has created a surrealist ‘flat egg’ filled with old-fashioned praline dotted with nougat chips.

Master chocolatier Pierre creates praline chocolates flavoured with everything from Saffron, Moroccan Pink Pepper Berries and Earl Grey Tea, to the more traditional caramel and nut varieties.

Truffles made with real champagne or flavoured with Tonka Beans that burst in your mouth, tablets of ‘grand cru’ chocolate from Java and Ecuador and even a sophisticated take on a Cornetto ice cream.

Pierre is extremely dedicated to his chocolate and because of this the process from harvesting the cocoa pods to the finished product is an extremely delicate and refined process.

Don’t be deceived: these are no ordinary eggs. You will be delighted by the subtle textures and selected flavours, which will regale your palate like a rare wine. Quite simply, great art.

To view Pierre Marcolini’s E-Boutique please visit


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